Fantasy Name Generator

This generator will attempt to create fantasy names by putting together syllables according to specific alphabets. Each alphabet will generate different names. Choosing two syllables will often give you the best results, but feel free to experiment!

The High alphabet is based on classic fantasy names, generating things like Aedaem, Mimask, Lann, Nudyin, and Baeth. It is appropriate for elf and faery characters alike, but you can also use it for traditional fantasy humans and dwarves, depending on the name.

The Dark alphabet contains mostly closed vowels with rasp, coarse consonants, giving you such names as Skyud, Ve'skye, Ulyed, and Zupusk. It is appropriate for orcs, goblins, kobolds, or evil-aligned characters.

Finally, the Fae alphabet will give you soft, delicate sounding names like Eifain, Ielleis, Shaef, and Lliefya. It is most appropriate for faerie / fae or ethereal characters, but also elementals.

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